»Trški dnevi« in Žužemberk

»Trški dnevi« in Žužemberk

Next weekend it’s that time again……the annual »Trški dnevi« in Žužemberk are taking place! A fun festival in and around the castle that is held every year around the weekend of July 15 (coincidentally Lexi’s birthday). Preparations are already in full swing. Officially, these »market days«, as we would translate it, already started on July 9th and there are some activities every day. But the »real« festivities are this weekend, on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July.

On both Saturday and Sunday, there is a lively market. On the grounds outside the castle, there are a number of market stalls with all kinds of handmade and regional products. On Saturday afternoon there is accordion music provided by young accordionists, a »Ješpren« cooking competition, and a meeting and ride of old-timer cars. In the evening, at nine o’clock, there is also a concert in Dvor by Adi Smolar, a well-known Slovenian folk singer.

On Sunday, there is also plenty to do in the castle courtyard. Various games can be played, there are a number of (small) theater performances and of course, it is worth checking out the castle itself. The view from the towers is spectacular, but the castle’s cellar hall with its beautiful vaulted ceiling is also really nice to see.

From 2 pm you can then enjoy medieval dances by the knights and damsels, sword fights, archers, and much more. There are several knight groups from Slovenia but also from abroad, all of which are presented separately. Everyone is of course dressed in beautiful costumes, and you really imagine yourself in the Middle Ages for a while there :).

Unfortunately, last year the festival was canceled due to Corona, but now it is allowed, although with the necessary measures. There is music and of course plenty of food and drinks. If you have the opportunity, you are most welcome next weekend in Žužemberk!

p.s: you can find the complete program on the following link: https://www.zuzemberk.si/novice/trski-dnevi-2021/


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