Favorite restaurants

Favorite restaurants

I love food and it shows :). I’m a real sweet tooth but I also love savory just as much. Unfortunately, I am especially fond of unhealthy things and it is very difficult for me to say »no« to them. Please don’t judge me ;).

Therefore, one of the things I really enjoy is going out to eat. Alone with Bine, with my parents or with friends. I always find it super fun. And the advantage is that despite the fact that prices are also rising considerably here, eating out is still a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands.

I am not a »fancy« foodie, and I don’t like to try unusual or unfamiliar things. Yes, I know…..boring! I always think it’s such a waste of money if I don’t like it. That ruins the moment for me. So I always play it safe with the standard dishes that can be found everywhere here: a piece of meat such as Wiener schnitzel, turkey fillet from the grill or čevapčiči with fries. Or pizza or pasta, is always tasty too. Add a mixed salad and enjoy.

In all the years I’ve lived (and come) here we’ve eaten at quite a few different restaurants and “gostilnas” and we’ve developed some favorites over the years. In the past, when the children were small, we always looked for places that had something like a playground, so they are ideal for families. I am happy to share our preferences with you.

From the beginning of our »courtship«, when Bine was still living at home in Podhom, just outside Bled, we love coming to the pizzeria on Hom. That is the hill above Bine’s village and if you walk through the Vintgar gorge these days and continue on the route, you will pass it. There I had a garlic pizza for the first time and it was really soooo good! Unfortunately, several different owners have moved in over the years and to be honest, I don’t know what it’s like there now food-wise. But the view is great! There is a large terrace outside and a large playground. A wonderful place to be, even just for a drink. You can also get there by car. There are two roads that go there. One is through the village of Zasip, but that is quite a challenge, and not for insecure drivers or for very large cars :). Fortunately, there is also a road around the village, through the forest. That is doable. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out!

Also nearby is restaurant/pizzeria Bethlehem, in Spodnje Gorje. The owner once lived in the Netherlands and speaks the language ;). You have a lot of choice and it also has a nice atmosphere.

Just outside Bled, in Lesce, you will find restaurant Center. This belongs to a cousin of Bine and you can eat very well here, both inside and on the spacious terrace. Moreover, there is also a spacious playground here.

Also in Lesce, a bit more expensive, is the restaurant at the airport where you can eat well and meanwhile watch the planes taking off or landing or make a sightseeing flight yourself.

When we go to Ljubljana, we always like to come to Jurman. This is the largest restaurant I’ve ever been to, but it’s divided into different areas and decorated in a very nice, somewhat medieval way. It is often busy here and therefore noisy. Not a place for a romantic dinner for two. But always good food, a huge choice and not expensive. There is also plenty of play equipment for the kids.

Unfortunately, our favorite restaurant in our Belokrajina region has had to close its doors after Corona. But in Žužemberk, near the castle, there is also a good restaurant called Pri Gradu. It’s a bit more expensive and doesn’t have a playground but the food is always good.

When we are in Novo mesto and want to eat something, we often end up at Pizzeria Era, where you can also eat dishes other than pizzas.

If you really want to let your children enjoy themselves while you have a bite to eat, go to restaurant Prepih, in Stopiče, just outside Novo mesto. There they really have a huge playground outside where the kids can enjoy themselves for hours.

Restaurant Samarin in Črnomelj is also fun for the kids to visit. They have had a real serving robot there since last year. Very cool to see. We often stop there for a bite to eat when we come back from a holiday or weekend at the seaside.


I’m curious if there are people who know the places mentioned and what they think of them. Tips for other nice, beautiful and good restaurants are of course always welcome :).



  1. Hello Arlette,

    First of all, thank you so much for your blog. There’s a lot of contributions for new people living in Slovenia. I liked to read about these restaurants. I just know and I have been at Jurman. Another great Gostilna with a beautiful view from Lj city is Orle.

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