Wet spring

Wet spring

Finally, I can put a new post online! I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but unfortunately, the computer that my server was on, has broken down, and I’ve been offline for the last month or two. When I started my blog two years ago, and I didn’t yet know how it would go, my son Larsen made a server from an old PC on which my blog was stored. When there was a problem, he could fix it. Only we didn’t know then that he would move to the Netherlands and was therefore not around to do this. Now that the PC died and he was not there, I had to look for another solution, and that took some time. Fortunately, a good friend made time to help me last week and got my blog back online, this time through a hosting, so hopefully in the future, I won’t have to be offline for so long anymore in case of technical issues. I’m so grateful to this friend!

Meanwhile, it is already June and it is the wettest spring in Slovenia as far as we can remember. And like many with me, I’m horribly disappointed! In the 20 years that I have lived here, we have not had as much rain and low temperatures in the spring as this year. I hate rain anyway, so for me, this weather is a real bummer! I long for sun and warmth and I sincerely hope that it will finally arrive and we will then have a very nice, long summer and warm fall so that we can enjoy summer temperatures, our terrace and our swimming pool for at least a few more months :).

After having been busy all day on Saturday with working in the morning (me), laying a brick wall (Bine) and mowing the whole garden in the afternoon (Bine and me), yesterday we wanted to relax and get some sun.

Even though it wasn’t as warm and sunny on the Adriatic coast as usual around this time, we decided to drive there for the day anyway. Last year we discovered a beautiful, newly constructed beach where it is great to relax, so that became our goal. We left with 17 degrees and rain, but just under two hours later the temperature rose quickly and on arrival at the beach it was 24 degrees. Pretty cloudy so no sun and the sea water was brrrrrrr……..cold! But after an hour and a half the clouds disappeared and the sun came out wonderfully. In the end, we were able to go for a swim because the water soon felt warmer. It is very funny to notice that the top layer of the sea, about twenty centimeters, was cold, but underneath you could feel warmer water.

All in all, we were able to sunbathe and get our first tan and later we went shopping in a shopping center in Rijeka where they have glass elevators with a view of the sea :). We also had something to eat there and then drove home.

Fortunately, there is sun today, so the door to the terrace is open and I enjoy the view and our beautifully mowed garden, which is still beautifully green because of all the rain. That’s the advantage, of course. You can also see my vegetable and fruit cuttings planted last month growing almost by the hour :D. We haven’t had to water them yet. But from experience we know that this will soon be necessary since the ground here consists of mostly rocks and the water therefore immediately drains away. When it doesn’t rain for a week, the ground will be as dry and hard as stone. We’ll see…… See you soon, dear readers!



  1. Hi, Arlette!
    I have “met” you a week or two before your blog disappeared. And I thought you’d done with it. So, today’s mail was a nice surprise.
    Now I have a lot of “work” – reading your blog from the beginning 😊👍

    Ps: To be honest it was the radio broadcast “DRUGI POGLED” where I have heard for your life in Slovenija.

    Pps: Greetings from island Lošinj (cold wind and water too 😐

    • Hi there, thank you so much for your message. How nice to hear that you heard my interview on the radio and later started reading my blog :). We have been to Lošinj two or three years ago and really enjoyed it. I love all the Croatian islands! Are you originally from there? Well, I hope you enjoy reading all my blogs ;). Have fun!

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