Since two years we have a new, beautiful and sweet »daughter-in-law«, the girlfriend of our son Larsen. They are not married, so officially she is not a daughter-in-law (yet), but because she does feel that way, I always like to refer to her as such :).

Like Larsen, Manca is 22 years old and is currently graduating from the Biotechnical University of Ljubljana with a specialization in »Food Science and Nutrition«. So in addition to being sweet and beautiful, she is also smart ;). But she has another wonderful talent: she sings beautifully!

Manca comes from a musical family. Both her parents sing in the church choir and both her sisters sing as well, and they all play different musical instruments. She herself plays the flute. So she doesn’t get her talent from a stranger :).

She has been taking singing lessons for many years now, and her actual training in that field is as an opera singer. But she also sings »normal« songs. Regular readers of my blog may remember that last year, Manca and her sister Monika recorded a video clip of a song they composed themselves, the lyrics of which were written by a friend of theirs who died some time ago. Bine, me, and the kids even appeared as extra’s in the video clip. That was a super fun experience :)! You can watch the clip below.

Besides singing with her sister, both of them also sing in a group with another friend and that friend’s sister. That group is called Amabile. They mainly sing quiet pop songs and in addition to singing covers, they have also released four songs of their own. For one of those songs, they also released a video clip a few years ago, namely of their song »Sanjam« (I’m dreaming). Watch that clip below.

Both Manca and Monika together, as well as with their group Amabile, mainly sing at weddings and other festivities. You can book them via their Facebook page Amabile or Manca & Monika.

I think they all sing beautifully :). And because they will finally, after a long time (Corona :(), give a concert again next Saturday, I thought it would be nice to invite those of you who live in Slovenia or who happen to be here this weekend, to that concert. It takes place in the village where the girls live, Ambrus, about 50 km from Ljubljana, and it starts at 6 pm in the Cultural center (Kulturni dom) there. In addition to the performance of Amabile, there is also a guest appearance by the group »Imset«, a rock band consisting of four boys from Domžale. Below is a sample of their music.

So, if you have the opportunity, you enjoy (live) music, and you feel like having a nice night out? Then come to Ambrus this Saturday, October 23. Of course, we are all going. So will I see you there :)?



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