Beautiful places: river Krupa

Beautiful places: river Krupa

Last weekend we went on a nice walk again, together with my parents. For me, it really was a so-called »hidden gem«, the source of the river Krupa. It is located near Semič and the river is only 2.5 kilometers long. In the village of Krupa you park the car and walk down to the hum of the river that starts from under a thirty-meter-high rock, very special to see. A lovely quiet place too. Despite it being Sunday and beautiful weather, we only encountered a few other people on the walk.

There is a sign in the parking lot with an explanation and the different routes that are available. We took the shortest one, about one and a half-hour walk. Along the river through the forest where we really heard nothing but the chirping of the birds and because of the vegetation against the rocks, we had the idea that we were walking through a jungle now and then. Absolutely beautiful! Turn on the sound when watching the video below :).

In the beginning, you have to cross an interesting suspension bridge that swings nicely, and later you cross to the other side again by means of a wooden bridge. The last part you walk a lot higher above the river, along the edge of the forest and the fields. You will then return to the village and walk a short distance back to the parking lot.

Because the river has a height difference of six meters, there used to be no fewer than four mills and two sawmills along the banks. There are a number of buildings still there from that time, but I don’t think anything is inhabited anymore.

Another interesting piece of history that you will encounter on the route is called »Judovska hiša«, in English, »Jewish house«. It is a small cave dating back from the early Stone Age, about 11,000 BC. Because various utensils made of stone and bones have been found in the cave and the immediate vicinity, it is known that the cave was also inhabited at that time. The people of that time, at the end of the last ice age, lived from hunting and collecting, among other things, various fruits. But the cave has also been inhabited in later times. Because I’m currently reading the series »The Earth Children«, about people from the same time, I found it even more interesting to see.

It turns out to be a bit of a mystery where the name »Jewish house« comes from. Some think that in the past strange, unknown, “foreign” people who, for example, were dressed differently were called Jews. Others think that at that time, everyone who was not a Christian was called a Jew. Anyway, it’s a bit of a weird name, but still nice to see.

On the way back, we stopped at the Berryshka distillery in the village of Obrh, near Dolenjske toplice. There is a beautiful terrace where you can sit on benches made out of wine barrels and enjoy one of their liqueurs. They also have homemade essential oils and there is a chocolate shop with various tasty bonbons and chocolate bars. However, the products are all very well priced! All in all, it was another wonderful day that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss :).


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