A nice title, because I am grateful. For many things. I’m writing on this subject now because this is my 100th blog post! Who would have thought I would get this far when I started my blog in May 2020. I had no idea what to expect and if there would be people who would want to read my blog anyway. So two years later I am writing a post for the hundredth time, in the meanwhile for over a hundred »followers« and of course a number of others who are not subscribed but do read my posts. Yes, I am very grateful for that!

My life in Slovenia 🙂

It has, of course, been a special year for me anyway because I turned 50 last March and this was celebrated very extensively. I was spoiled and surprised by my husband and children, but also my parents and other family and friends. I am also very grateful for that. For the people most dear to me, who love me the way I am and are always there for me.

Very tasty birthday cake made by Larsen en Manca

In recent years I have also come to appreciate more and more the beautiful country where I have been allowed to live for the last 19 years and I am grateful that we have found such a beautiful place that we enjoy every day. I always thought Slovenia was beautiful, of course, but as we make more trips to other countries, I see more and more how incredibly good we have it here, how beautiful and clean and quiet it is here. Something we value more and more as we get older. It’s still nice to discover other countries, visit towns and other places of interest and just enjoy the holidays and weekends away with Bine, but we are increasingly aware of the fact that we haven’t really found anywhere else what we have here (yet). We are actually really spoiled because we live where we live :).

We still enjoy living in this beautiful spot every single day!

Certainly the fact that we live so close to the Adriatic coast makes it a fantastic combination of living in green, spacious, quiet surroundings and whenever we want we can get sun, (clear blue clean) sea and beach at almost a stone’s throw away. What more could a person want :). I love both so very much!

Good times on the Adriatic coast

I find aging quite difficult to be honest, also because I have had some health problems lately. Nothing serious thankfully, but very annoying in my everyday life. I enjoy my life immensely and hope, like everyone else, that I can enjoy it for a long time to come. But boy, time flies! Our son Larsen recently moved to the Netherlands with his girlfriend. Supposedly temporarily, a few years……I hope. He mainly works from home, she will study there. We will really miss them because although they lived together in Ljubljana for the last year, we saw them almost every weekend and that was always very nice. He is of course half Dutch and has been saying for years that he wants to live there for some time to experience the culture and improve his Dutch language. He was 4 years old when we moved to Slovenia, and the Netherlands has always continued to attract him. Now, of course, our daughter is also toying with the idea of ​​going to study there. So with a bit of bad luck, both my children will be in the Netherlands next year. How weird can it get?

Together with my son

I think that’s the downside of emigrating. You always sort of stay with one leg in your motherland. One a little more than the other, but I think everyone who has lived abroad recognizes this. Fortunately, the Netherlands is only a 12-hour drive away and our son has not (yet) chosen America, or worse, Australia ;). If all goes well, we’ll go and see where they live over Christmas. At that time we haven’t been to the Netherlands for 4 years because luckily for me, it’s only my little toe that stayed in the Netherlands and not my whole leg ;). Much love everyone!

On our last visit to the Netherlands for Christmas 2018,
together with my step-daughter and her family


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