Chainsaw art

Chainsaw art

In my blog post »Not without a chainsaw« ( I already wrote about how a chainsaw is indispensable when you live in the Slovenian countryside. But apart from cutting down trees to make firewood, you can do much more with it. At least, if you are very handy with it and practice a lot J. I once saw a video of someone in Canada or somewhere in that direction, who made a beautiful work of art out of a tree stump, using only a chainsaw. To my surprise, I found that they can do that here in Slovenia as well!

The first time I saw someone being very handy with a chainsaw was during the construction of our house. We had hired an older man to make the roof construction. The overhanging beams had to get a nice shape, the man thought, not just straight, so he just cut that shape out of the beams with the chainsaw. Freehand that is. I was stunned! We are still very happy with the way the beams look.

A few years later, we happen to stumble upon an announcement for an annual chainsaw art-cutting contest, in the village of Stična near Ivančna gorica, not too far from our village. We decided to go and check it out. The participants are given an hour or so to cut out a statue from a tree trunk as quickly as possible. The most beautiful one won. It gave a lot of noise, obviously, but it was very cool to see.

There is also a really nice hut, called Lavričeva koča, at the place where the competition was held. You can have something to eat and drink while enjoying the beautiful view. There are also all kinds of carved statues around the hut. Worth a visit!

Last Sunday, Bine and I went for a drive and quite by chance ended up at a recently opened ranch near Višnja gora, called Čož. There too, someone got really creative with tree trunks and a chainsaw! Unbelievable how beautifully and detailed figurines have been carved out, for instance in the fence.  And at the bar, wooden saddles are cut out to be used as bar stools. Awesome! By the way, they are really uncomfortable and in the evening I had muscle pain on the inside of my thighs, but what a super cool idea :). You can go horseback riding there and children can ride a pony, by appointment only that is. There is also a nice playground with, among other things, an electric bull for kids. Very nice! You can also eat and drink here, and they rent out apartments. Maybe a tip for someone who reads this and is still looking for a place to stay ;). It was nice for us to discover a new place where we had never been before, and we will certainly go back soon for some horseback riding.

Another place where you can also admire some cool chainsaw art is around and even IN Lake Bloke (Bloško jezero). There too, someone has been fanatical with a chainsaw. Among other things, you can admire a water-skiing bear in the lake! There is also a glamping site and you can swim in the lake. Another beautiful place worth a few hours of your time. You can find more information about the lake in my previous blog post:

If anyone knows of other places where beautiful chainsaw art can be admired, I’d love to hear it ;).


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