Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Brrrr, it’s getting cold again. It has already frozen a few times at night and in Kranjska Gora, it even snowed this week. Yikes! So I’m definitely not a fan of winter. I am very much a summer person. I love the sun, the warmth and having the doors open all day long. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. We have been heating the house again since the end of September.

But to be fair, autumn is a beautiful time in terms of nature. Of course, we live very rural and look out on a wooded slope, so we see the leaves on the trees change color almost daily. Everywhere you go, it is beautiful. On our way to Novo mesto, for example, where we do the shopping every week. Especially the part between Dvor and Soteska where on the right is a large wooded slope. It really is so beautiful in the fall. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of it because you can’t really park your car there by the side of the road. But luckily I have other beautiful autumn photos. Below is a small selection.

The winters here can be quite severe, with quite a lot of snow. The most snow we ever measured was 1.10 meters. That was in 20. In recent years, however, the winters have been milder, with a few snowfalls of up to thirty centimeters. More than enough for me ;). You can really notice that the periods are shifting more and more. In recent years, snow often only comes in February instead of December as it used to be. January and February are generally the coldest months nowadays. Fortunately, we regularly have quite a lot of sun in winter, which makes it a bit better :).

What I do really like about winter is that you regularly have those beautiful skies with sunrise and sunset. The air seems to be on fire for a little while. That is such a beautiful phenomenon. I’ve put together a few pictures of those beautiful skies. Amazing, right?

Pictures taken from our terrace
This “volcanic eruption” was shot by my dad from his balcony

I also often like the sky in the fall. Special clouds form, and especially the fog that hangs here in the valley. Every now and then you think there is a lot of smoke because something is on fire, but it is just the rising fog. If we sometimes drive home in the dark and drive up the road to our village, it seems to come straight out of a fairy tale movie. You see the village with a few lampposts in the fog ….. very special and beautiful. Too bad I don’t have a good camera, but I take all the pictures with my phone, otherwise they would probably be much nicer. Maybe I should start saving up ;).

The most beautiful thing I have seen here when talking about beautiful skies and clouds is when we drove up the mountain Krvavec on a drizzly day and drove through the clouds only to suddenly rise above them and come out in the sun. Then you look from above on the beautiful clouds with a few protruding mountain peaks here and there, just like from an airplane. A must this winter for when you want to see the sun on a drizzly day with low clouds!!

Above the clouds on Krvavec….
and waiting for the sunset…..

Unfortunately, I still have to wait a long time until I can open the doors again in the morning and walk outside in my dressing gown or sunbathe on our terrace. So I’ll just have to try to enjoy as much as possible the beautiful days (and beautiful skies) that winter brings :). Have a nice weekend everyone!



  1. Krasen zapis in ujeti trenutki narave, ki jemljejo dih. Predel med Dvorom in s Sotesko je res nekaj posebnega, tudi pomlad je tu posebna.

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