Pool Party!

Last time a blog about parties and I will just continue with that because yesterday and today our son Larsen of 21 had a »Pool Party« in our garden. He normally is always very busy and for the last 2 years, his life is mainly in Ljubljana where he studies at the University of Computer and information science. He also owns his own company (Beesmetic.com) and is active as a coach and jury member of the »First Lego League«. Such a busy guy! For the past few years, he has a great club of friends that we do not often see because they too are busy and come from all different places. Now that the summer holidays have started and everyone has finished their school year, he wanted to organize a party and asked us if he could do that in our garden. We have a spacious set-up swimming pool that has been in the garden again since last week and enough space in general for all 15! students ;).

So money was collected in the friends club and mom and dad went shopping on Friday afternoon to provide everyone with food and drinks. Bine is the BBQ specialist, so he baked the meat, and I took care of the salads. The guys and girls themselves also brought some drinks and home-baked goodies so there was more than enough to go around. Because everyone stayed overnight, we also needed breakfast for them this morning, so milk, cereals, bread, cheese, and ​​meat had to be bought as well.

The whole bunch arrived yesterday afternoon and since then the driveway is full of cars, the terrace full of tables and chairs, the living room full of bags, backpacks, and board games, the kitchen full of snacks and drinks, and the garden full of tents :).

They started the afternoon by playing (board) games, they like to do that. Every time it is someone’s birthday, they put money together and buy a new game for that person. In Ljubljana they also meet regularly for a »Gamenight«. Where does that remind me of, a bunch of computer »nerds« playing board games together….? Ahhhh, Big Bang Theory (The Slovene version ;))!

Then the tents had to be set up and the air mattresses inflated so that the whole bunch had a place to sleep. Then the swimming trunks and bikinis were put on and they went to cool off in the pool.

Around five o’clock the stomachs started to rumble and the BBQ was lit. Bine again provided delicious fried meat and potatoes and for a little while, the noise went down a bit while everyone was enjoying the food ;). The boys and girls are all nicely brought up because the tables were neatly tidied and everything was placed in the kitchen. Of course, I used plastic plates, cutlery and cups, otherwise I could run the dishwasher all day! After dinner, it was time for games and more social gatherings.

Around half-past nine it got dark (it is dark here an hour earlier than in the Netherlands and therefore also day an hour earlier in the morning) and the kids wanted to take a night dip in the pool. We had bought a kind of floating disco ball for the pool, just for fun, and that looked nice.

Moreover, it was also a full moon so that gave a nice picture. Almost everyone had then slowly moved from the terrace to the garden and sat on a blanket in the grass. I thought that a campfire would make the evening even better so we took out the fire pit and they were very happy with that. Of course, some sausages then had to be baked on a stick above the fire :).

What a pleasant evening it was and how nice that it is possible here. The youngsters could chat and laugh and play music without any problems, not disturbing anyone. By the time Bine and I went to bed, they had lowered their voices by themselves so we didn’t have to warn them. Most of them slept in the tents, Larsen with his girlfriend and our daughter Lexi in their own rooms and a few of them in the living room on the couch. When Bine and I came downstairs, they were already having breakfast outside and now they are back playing a game in two groups :).

Bine jokingly said yesterday, “I’m jealous of Larsen’s parents,” hahaha. Unfortunately, he had a very different childhood and something like this would never ever have been possible with his parents. How nice that we can (and want to) do this for our children and enjoy it ourselves as well. We will think about cleaning and tidying later :).


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