News from Novo mesto

News from Novo mesto

A while ago, I received an invitation to spend a day in Novo mesto with a group of local tour guides and journalists, especially to see the newest sights. That seemed interesting to me, so I decided to go along. Because, even though I come to Novo mesto (30 km from us) every week, it is usually just to do the shopping :). And of course, I know the city quite well, but it was still worth it because I discovered a number of things that I had not seen before.

We started in the center, at the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, which dates from the fifteenth century. Last year, the bell tower was opened to the public. You first have to climb 126 stairs to reach the bells, at a height of 24 meters. From there, you have a beautiful view of the city on all four sides. An entrance ticket costs €3 and you can order them via this link: 10-01

After the visit to the bell tower, we drove to restaurant »Hiša Fink«, one of the few Slovenian restaurants with a Michelin star, which they received in 2020. There we were treated to a nice glass of champagne. At least I think it was nice, because since I don’t drink I skipped the glass, but the rest clearly enjoyed it ;).

A new suspension bridge over the Krka river has recently been built opposite the restaurant. The bridge hangs 11 meters above the water surface and is actually hanging throughout its entire length, so without supports halfway up. This was possible using the technology of a prestressed reinforced concrete structure consisting of 46 elements. A beautiful example of craftsmanship! The fact that it was a beautiful sunny day also helped of course. It looks really nice and is a great starting point for a wonderful walk along the river.

Our outing ended in hotel Dolenj’c, on the other side of the highway, where we first got a tour of the renovated hotel and the brand-new trampoline park. The so-called »Flypark« is the largest open-air trampoline park in Slovenia, with an area of over 680 m2. The park is open every day for the time being, as long as the weather is nice, of course. Weekdays from 3:00 PM and weekends from 9:00 AM. Highly recommended for the kids! For example, they can also have a birthday party there. Parents can enjoy a drink in the adjacent bar or have something to eat in the hotel restaurant, while they can safely leave their children in the hands of the entertainment team.

The hotel itself is very conveniently located, right on the highway from Ljubljana to Zagreb and the rooms are neat, spacious and modern. You can also go bowling there and there is a small play arcade. Last weekend we were there with Lexi and my parents and we had a lot of fun playing air hockey, among other things. Just a pity that it was pretty busy with dining guests and had to wait quite a long time for our drinks.

The area outside the hotel is really beautifully landscaped and spacious. There is even an airplane on the site that is painted with fairy-tale characters. The intention is to create a play area for children inside the plane, but it is not yet entirely clear when this will be realized. In any case, highly recommended for parents with children, but also for businessmen looking for an overnight stay during a business trip.


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