Land of water

Land of water

October 31st and November 1st are public holidays in Slovenia, and most businesses and shops are closed. Bine was also free, and the weather is still beautiful, so we decided to enjoy it as long as it lasts and went out with my parents. This time we visited the source of the river »Temenica«, near Mirna Peč. The river rises under a large rock, and it came to mind, as we walked around, that Slovenia actually has a lot of water.

The Netherlands is of course seen as a »waterland« par excellence, but if I just take a look at what Slovenia has in terms of wells, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, that is quite a lot. So I looked it up.

The coast is of course only short with its 46 kilometers in length, but very beautiful. In addition to the sea, Slovenia has no fewer than 321 lakes, of which Ljubljanska Barje, with an area of ​​8000 ha and Cerkniško jezero, with 2500 ha, are the largest. Of course, you can’t really count Barje as a »lake« because it is a large wetland area around Ljubljana. And Cerkniška jezero is an intermittent lake that almost completely disappears in summer. The water literally runs out. It is only the largest lake in Slovenia when full :).

In comparison, Lake Bled has an area of ​​147 ha and Lake Bohinj 318 ha. These are two of the most beautiful lakes in the country according to many people.

Furthermore, there are almost 70 rivers, many of which also originate in Slovenia, such as the Temenica, but also the river Krka. It is also the longest river that runs entirely in Slovenia. The source of the Soča River is my favorite. You have to make a bit of a climb to get there, but it is definitely worth it. Beautiful to see!

Our country also has many beneficial water sources, hence the many spas that the country is rich in. You will also regularly see small wells along the road from which wonderfully clear drinking water comes from the rocks, and you can therefore easily fill your drinking bottle along the way. Such a source is called a »Študenec«. I remember one time, years ago, when my grandparents were on vacation to see where Bine actually came from. We drove them around to show them the area around Bine’s birthplace near Bled. On the way to Pokljuka, we stopped at such a Študenec and grandpa saw a bottle of beer in it that someone had apparently put in to keep it cool because it was the middle of summer and the water of such a Študenec is always very cold. Grandpa thought it was hilarious that bottles of beer were »growing« along the road and decided to take it with him. My (very) belated apologies to the person who wanted to drink it later ;).

Then we have the waterfalls. There are about 130, of which eleven are higher than 100 meters. Some of the best known are »Peričnik«, near Kranjska Gora, Savica near Bohinj and the beautiful »Kozjak«, near Kobarid. We have already visited a lot of them ourselves and every time they are beautiful to see. Peričnik is also super cool to visit in winter because it freezes almost completely.

In any case, the conclusion is that there is a lot of water in Slovenia and something to see for everyone. Now that winter is slowly approaching, it is becoming less interesting to visit these places, but as soon as spring arrives again I advise everyone to go out and visit the many beautiful water-rich places Slovenia has to offer!

The warm water source Klevevž, near Dolenjske Toplice, where the water has a constant temperature of 24,8 degrees.


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