Daytrip tips: Rogla

Daytrip tips: Rogla

Last weekend we were in the Pohorje region for a short vacation, together with my parents. We stayed in hotel Reaktiv in Zreče. A neat hotel where we had delicious breakfasts and dinners. Rogla ski and recreation area is only 16 kilometers away, so we went to have a look.

The top of Rogla is at a good 1500 meters altitude and as mentioned it is a (popular) ski area. But even when there is no snow, you can enjoy yourself there. Many athletes come to train here, but there is also plenty to do for tourists. There is a toboggan run, a »children’s village« and you can practice all kinds of sports. There are also plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling (mountain biking).

The latest new attraction on Rogla is »Pot med Krošnjami«, built in 2019. It consists of a more than 500 meters long wooden path that stands on stilts above the ground, at a height of about 20 meters. Along the path are several information boards and educational games for children. From the path you can walk up a 37-meter high tower, also via a wooden path that is more than 500 meters long. Of course, you have a beautiful view from the top of the tower. If you don’t feel like walking back down the path, you can also go down with a slide. However, this costs €2 extra. A bit of a shame because the entrance is not very cheap: €10 for adults and €8 for children. Bine, of course, decided to go down with the slide :). I have claustrophobia and since the slide was a closed tube, I didn’t dare go in :(. All in all, we all thought it was worth visiting.

The next day we hiked from the top of Rogla to the Lovrenška reserve. A special piece of nature with 7 small lakes that you can walk along. It was quite a tough walk of one and a half hours (a bit longer for me ;)) but at some point you can walk to the left or to the right. In terms of length, it does not matter much which path you choose. We chose the left-hand path and afterward it turned out to be tougher than the right-hand one, which we walked on on the way back. The path to the left went up and down more, but it did have a nice view. The path on the right actually goes all the way through the forest, but it is more gradual, and therefore easier. There were also far fewer tree roots on the road, which you did encounter on the left path a lot and which is of course quite uncomfortable to walk.

On the last day, we visited the »Noordung space center« in Vitanje, a half-hour drive from Rogla. Herman Potočnik Noordung was a pioneer of space science and a visionary of the not yet realized idea of ​​an international geostationary space station with artificial gravity, »The habitat wheel«. We were quite surprised to find a space museum in such a small place, »in the middle of nowhere«. We asked the guy at the cash desk why the center was built there, and that’s because Herman Potočnik’s family is originally from Vitanje.

Of course, there is much more to see and do in the area, so we will probably come back sometime. Our weekend was a success, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather was also good, so that was an extra plus. We also rented electric bicycles at the hotel for the morning. Also, really recommended! I couldn’t normally climb a hill on a bike, but with these bikes, it went just fine. Next time I’ll just make sure I have something like a gel cushion with me because the saddles felt like stone, so my butt started hurting :). On to the next outing…….


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